DIB meeting point in Luleå 25-27 september

Den 25-27 september anordnar Dansinitiativet i samarbete med Danskonsulenten Norrbotten och Danscentrum Norr tre dagar som går under namnet DIB meeting point. DIB Meeting point är en mötesplats för professionellt verksamma danskonstnärer inom Barentsregionen som syftar till att öka kunskapsutbytet mellan enskilda aktörer. Dagarna innehåller fortbildning i form av klass med Charlotta Ruth och workshop med Eliisa Erävalo, samt möjlighet till att dela med sig av sitt konstnärliga arbete för varandra. 
Mer information finns bifogat och på Dansinitiativets hemsida: http://www.dansinitiativet.se/dib-meeting-point.html 


Between 25-27 September, DIB Meeting points will be conducted for three days in Luleå.

DIB Meeting point is a meeting place for professional dance artists based in the Barents region, which aims to increase the knowledge exchange between dancers. The days include continuing education in the form of class and workshop, and the opportunity to share ones artistic work for each other. We offer salad and snacks in connection with the Open stage evening.


10.00-12.00 Morning class
13.00-16.00 Workshop Waterfalls and Meteorites – Eliisa Erävalo


10.00-12.00 13.00-16.00 16.30-17.00

Morning class
Workshop Waterfalls and Meteorites – Eliisa Erävalo Presentation of the project Dance artists in Barents


10.00-12.00 13.00-16.00 18.00-21.00

Morning class
Workshop Waterfalls and Meteorites – Eliisa Erävalo
Open stage! DI offers salad and snacks. Information about Open Stage and how to register is available below.

INFO Waterfalls and Meteorites

“This workshop will be a study in forces. We will trigger ourselves to witness and mold how our bodies take up, or don’t take up space in this world. We will study the body as a mediator and dancing as a mediating practice. We will become bodies of multitude and of constant becoming. The workshop will include stuff like bitchcraft, translating stones, prophetic dancing and practices or porosity. ”

Eliisa Erävalo is a Finnish choreographer and dancer based in Stockholm.
Eliisa has a long history of working both as a solo artist and a different child of collaborations around Europe and in Sweden. She always explo- res and works with the concept of ”Support” in her different tasks.

Eliisas choreographic work contains two ”clouds”. She has a deep interest in making art in public spaces and has created a work series of interventions on streets. She does this work alone. It is part of her research in the idea of a porous body and the experience of intuition. Mostly Eliisa works in collaborations and with dance. One of them focuses on further intersectional feminism and a non-binary society.

The work Eliisa has recently been doing different concept pairs as outside-insi- de, technology-nature, materia-spirit and winner-loser. She wants to under- stand how we build togetherness and form strategically in life. Even in that she wants to create space and focus on what we cannot put into words.www.eliisaeravalo.se

INFO about the morning class will be updated shortly!


The registration to DIB Meetingpoint is sent to erika@dansinitiativet.se
no later than 10/9.
Enter the name, place of residence and possible food allergies. Participation in the days is free of charge but the registration is binding, if you fail to return a refund you will be charged 500 SEK.

There are travel grants for applicants residing more than 10 kilometers from Luleå. If you wish to apply for the travel scholarship, please state in the applica- tion and if you want help finding accommodation, we have three free rooms to offer in shared apartment, this is the first come first served. For international participants, the scholarship of SEK 1500 and Swedish participants is SEK 1000.


Are you in a process or do you have an idea that you want to share with colleagues? You get 15 min on stage to show or present something. Subscribe to erika@dansinitiativet.se no later than 10/9. If you want to prepare yourself on the stage, one hour per presentation is available on Monday and Tuesday after 4 pm, please state it in the notification. Some technical assistance is offered.

Arranged in collaboration with Danskonsulent Region Norrbotten and Danscentrum Norr.
With support from the Swedish Arts Council and Region Norrbotten.